The cheapest MAX fare will cost $9.99 and can be shared with another person

MAXthe platform of streaming successor of HBO Max, opens May 23, 2023 in the United States and throughout 2024 in Spain and other European countries. On April 12, during a very important event for Discovery of Warner Bros.all news related to MAXincluding series as powerful as the ‘reboot’ of Harry Potter or a new spin-off from The Big Bang Theorybut also confirmed the prices and tariffs that the application will have when it is launched.


Following the information provided by the company itself, MAX will have three different rates based on the following factors:

  • Simultaneous streams supported. In other words, how many people can watch a series or a movie at the same time in MAX.
  • reading quality. The cheapest rates will only support HD, while the more expensive ones will also support 4K.
  • Offline content downloads. If you want to enjoy your content online, be sure to pay the rate that admits it, because not all do.

In this way, we find three different MAX rates or pricesaccording to the criteria described above:

  • Map with advertising: $10 per month. Up to 2 simultaneous devices and supports HD playback.
  • Standard formula: $16 per month. Hasya 2 simultaneous devices, supports HD playback and allows up to 30 downloads.
  • Ultimate (or premium) plan: $20 per month. Up to 4 simultaneous devices, supports 4K playback and Dolby Atmos sound and allows up to 100 downloads.

MAX price in Spain

At the moment the price of the MAX in Spain is unknown as yesterday’s event was exclusive to the United States. However, The normal thing would be to also find 3 tariffs, with 3 different prices: 10 euros, 16 euros and 20 euros respectively..

This is the current conception of HBO Max in Spain. Will MAX change a lot or be the same?

As MAX won’t be released in Spain until 2024, don’t expect official launch news, including pricing, until early next year.. sooner, because Discovery of Warner Bros. You can delay your plans whenever you deem it necessary…

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