Although Ed Sheeran He is now a world-class star, his origins are very humble and he always remembers that he never dreamed of reaching this level when he was on the streets. It is perhaps for this reason that the British singer does not want to lose this link with the artists who have the most complicated job on the planet: singing to attract the attention of people who pass in the metro stations, in the shopping streets…

Throughout the decade of his musical career, the Englishman has left us with abundant examples: playing in the street, doing improvised concerts for a small audience… We saw the latest on social networks this week he caught a busker singing with him Eyes closed.

Ed Sheeran and Mike Yung, this is the name of the interpreter surprised in the New York subway known to have passed through America’s Got Talent, they gave us a beautiful viral moment. The artist met him through TikTok where he usually uploads all of his videos covering the hit songs of the moment.

They both melted into an embrace when he realized that the author of the song himself was there singing it with him. Without ceasing to sing for those passing by, the two shared an iconic moment that ended with the handing over of some tickets for the show they were going to offer in the city.

What is clear with this video is that Ed Sheeran does not stop. One month before the release of his new studio album, the singer presents his new songs little by little and in acoustics. After releasing Closed Eyes on the World, the first single he chose from his new studio album – (Subtract) with which he put an end to his pentalogy of mathematical symbols, it was the turn of his first songs: Boat and salt water.

Right now, he’s giving American audiences the benefit of his concerts, but as he promised us during one of our last interviews with him, the world tour will stop in Spain in 2024: “We plan to go in Spain in 2024. I know it seems like a long time but the tour… Basically you will be able to enjoy the best of the tour because until then everything will be rehearsed very well”.

So now you know the street musicians of our country: Ed Sheeran may be looking for you on the networks…

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