GTA VI map leaked and size leaves GTA V map in thumbnail

GTA VI map leaked and size leaves GTA V map in thumbnail

The development of GTA VI, is probably the one with the most expectations for all of us who are fans of the franchise. Since Rockstar Games decided to make it official that they’re working on a new installment in the GTA saga, we’re only asking questions based on when we can see official footage in trailer form, including including its release date.

So far, almost everything known about GTA VI has come through leaks that have generated more hype than already exists. And in the last few hours there’s been a leak of something that’s been the subject of a lot of speculation and that’s the map of the game. And if it finally becomes like the one in this leak that I’m going to show you , it seems to me that it will be a real madness.

The leaked GTA VI map is huge

  • Over the past few hours, the Reddit user named ‘Thousands’, leaked an image of what the GTA VI map could be.
  • said card, corresponds to Vice Cityplace where the game will take place.
  • The size with which it matters, It’s been compared to nothing more and nothing less than Los Santosthe GTA V.
  • As you can see below, the GTA VI map It would have such dimensions that the one in Los Santos would seem a bit tiny.
  • On the other hand, several files were found in which towns like Red Hill, York Town and many more appear.

So far, we just have to wait for Rockstar Games to make the decision to officially offer new details. Will it take a long time to see footage of GTA VI? And its release date?

The truth is that the community (in which I include myself, of course), is eagerly waiting for Rockstar Games to decide to release information and we hope that it will not be long in coming, because we are climbing the walls.

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