Grimes talks about the reasons for his separation from Elon Musk in his new song

Grimes talks about the reasons for her separation from Elon Musk in her new song

Now the artist Grimes seems to have confirmed her breakup from Elon Musk through a new song titled Player of Games, which apparently alludes to the billionaire to imply that she was never his priority.

In the lyrics of said theme, Grimes affirms “I am in love with the greatest of the players, but he will always love the game more than he loves me”, before adding “sail into the cold expanse of space, not even love I could keep you in your place.”

For those who may not remember, the Tesla founder used to work as a video game creator before making his first million dollars at age 27. And of course, everyone knows Musk’s obsession with conquering commercial space travel through his company Space X.

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