Fortnite: Flipped, Chapter 3 of Epic Games' Battle Royale

Fortnite: Flipped, Chapter 3 of Epic Games’ Battle Royale

A new era begins for Fortnite with Chapter 3.

The concluding event of Chapter 2 of Fortnite wrapped up in spectacular fashion around the world with the island flip flipping of the successful Battle Royale making the start of Chapter 3, Flipped. If the storm is still omnipresent on this new island, meteorologists predict very degraded conditions in the short term.

Soon the effects of lightning and even tornadoes will be able to suck players in and then throw them back in various places.

Gameplay for Fortnite Chapter 3

American publisher Epic Games unveils the new places of the new island of Fortnite:

Players don’t have to be in awe of the cold to explore the market town of Greasy Grove or the industrial site of Logjam Lumberyard and many more places. For lovers of milder climates, you have to head east to find a tropical coast, with its islets and welcoming palm trees. If the Seven have set up outposts all over the island, the tropical part is nonetheless home to their territory, the Sanctuary. Located by the sea, this locality is dominated by the colossal statue of the Foundation. By the way, speaking of impressive monuments, the Daily Bugle building, all covered in cobwebs, is also in this region. For even warmer temperatures, players head south to find a desert that’s far from being entirely uninteresting. It hosts the Chonkers circuit for off-piste lovers, Condo Canyon for those seeking a cozy retreat and, above all, the return of the unmissable meeting place for all food lovers, Butter Barn. The locations highlighted above are just a few of the new places to explore on the island. And the more the snow melts, the more players will discover the vast meadows it covered, and the secret it hid!

There are also new weapons:

  • Stalker Assault Rifle – Specialized in distance! The Tracker Assault Rifle is powerful at medium range and remains effective even at long range
  • Mark 7 Assault Rifle – Made using the technology of the Seven, the Mark 7 assault rifle is a medium to long range weapon with a high rate of fire. It also has a telescope with a red dot sight. Your targets will not escape you! If you want an even more powerful weapon, take on the Foundation to find a special version of the Mark 7 assault rifle, which has a slightly faster rate of fire.
  • Specialized Assailant Pump Shotgun – Specialized Assailant Pump Shotgun fires a blast of bullets, granting it powerful instant damage
  • Automatic Shotgun – Count on this ally for formidable firepower! The Auto Shotgun doesn’t deal as much damage with each shot as the Assailant Shotgun, but it has a higher rate of fire and can reload two rounds at a time.
  • Handgun – A dependable weapon, the Handgun deals powerful damage at medium range and high headshot damage at close range
  • Stinger submachine gun – The Stinger submachine gun deals high damage to opponents and structures especially at medium range
  • Single Shot Hunter Rifle – Single shot Hunter Rifle deals heavy damage and can fire three rounds per magazine

New activities:

  • Camping – As soon as you find a tent, all you need to do is deploy it to get inside and rest, which in turn heals you. You can also store three items there to collect them during your next games. Two locations are automatically available, while a third can be rented in exchange for ingots. To find your items in the following parts, all you need to do is find a new tent (or take possession of an abandoned tent). If you are playing in a duo, in a trio or in a section, you can set up a camp with several people to enjoy the view together. When a teammate sets up a tent, you can interact with them to purchase yours by pouring ingots.
  • Fortnite Victory Crown If you achieve a high enough place in a game, you receive a victory crown. You then start the next part by wearing it, but do not think that you can strut without risk. The crown indeed shines with a thousand lights, so all those who covet it will have no trouble spotting it. If you manage to keep your crown, you receive bonus EXP in the game. And if you manage to land a Victory Royale while wearing it, you even unlock an exclusive emote that displays the total number of Crowned Victory Royals you’ve received during the season! Victory Crowns are present in normal modes, i.e. single-player, duos, trios, and sections (top four players, top two team players, top team players, or best team players).

And new objects:

  • Fortnite Squad Lock – On the New Island, some actions are faster when multiple players are participating, such as reviving a knocked-out teammate. or activate a recovery van. You’ll also come across special locked doors, which require multiple players to open. Unite your forces as a team, form a temporary alliance with an opponent or be creative.
  • The Medibrume – While it’s true that you can take advantage of the brand new Medibrume to heal yourself, you can also use it on your teammates. Either way, Medibrume restores health for as long as you vaporize it. Note that you can also do this by walking! Just keep in mind that the vial only contains a limited dose, so spray wisely
  • Sharpen Shark – Speaking of healing, Shark Shark is also making its debut, but it can’t be shared like the Medibrume. Gobble it up to boost your HP to 100 over time. On the other hand, keep a low profile once the shark is consumed, as the healing ends as soon as you take damage from an opponent.

Fortnite Chapter 3 characters

  • Spider-Man, Marvel’s superhero
  • Marcus Fenix, Coalition of Unified Governments soldier in Gears of War
  • Kait Diaz, Coalition of Unified Governments soldier in Gears of War
  • Shanta, the Lotus Walker (unlocked when you purchase the Battle Pass)
  • Rônin, the wanderer
  • Lieutenant John Lama, still down to earth
  • Gumbo, artificial taste but authentic style
  • Harlowe, the optimistic outlaw
  • Native, born to defend the island

The Foundation outfit, Leader of the Seven, will be unlockable later in the first season of Fortnite Chapter 3.

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