The journalist launched a legal battle against the producer of ‘Save me’ and the chain in which it is broadcast

‘Sálva me’ is one of the best-known heartfelt shows on the small screen, partly due to endless controversies that it has accumulated throughout its more than ten years of issuance.

One of them was so serious that ended up in court. It is necessary to go back to the first years of the Telecinco magazine to understand the conflict, starring the journalist Pepa Jiménez and the producer of the program.

Back then, she was working in the competition and without eating or drinking it was involved in a fierce war against Belén Esteban and all her entourage from Mediaset.

The disqualifications against Pepa Jiménez followed one another in ‘Sálva me’ and ‘Sálvame Deluxe’, and as it appears in the journalist’s demand they came to dedicate disqualifying such as “slut”, “mafiosa” or “son of a bitch”.

The journalist felt the victim of a campaign of harassment and demolition, until she finally decided to take the program’s producer and the network to court. Famous are the images of Carlota Corredera declaring in court as a witness, answering that “I do not know” or “I do not remember” to the questions of the authorities.

After several years of process, the case reached the Supreme Court, which gave the reason in 2015 to Pepa Jiménez, condemning to pay him compensation for violating his honor in the amount of 2,000 euros, a figure very far from the 739,800 that it asked at the beginning.

In addition, the ruling also included the obligation to read the sentence live, as was done later in ‘Saturday Deluxe’ after two in the morning. “They are so dirty that they even gave my real name, María José Jiménez, to apologize, so that no one would understand it,” the journalist complained in statements to ‘Exclusiva Digital’.

Now, Pepa Jiménez stays completely away from public opinion and the small screen, although in 2017 she published an open letter in which he charged hard against the Telecinco magazine:

“Seven years in which I have not stepped on a television set, except on some occasion in Telemadrid. Seven years that I have a preferred seat to see how you skin each day in ‘Save me’, and I don’t know because I watch the program, which disgusts me, but because through social networks I see and read how they continually beat you up.”

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