Ghostwire Tokyo It has probably been one of the most anticipated games by gamers who currently have a subscription to the Xbox Game Pass. Although the catalog is enriched with new games every month, there are always some that are expected with more enthusiasm and enthusiasm than others and this has been one of them.

The game developed by the Tango Gameworks studio, It arrived on April 12 in the Xbox Game Pass catalog, both for the Xbox Series X console | S, as well as for PC and the cloud. All were good expectations, until a few days had passed since its arrival and some not-quite-good reviews from Ghostwire Tokyo’s gaming community started pouring in.

Ghostwire Tokyo disappoints on Xbox Series X | S

  • A report indicates that the game does not achieve the same performance as on the PlayStation 5 console.
  • Some of the bugs encountered on the Xbox Series version are:
    • Substandard ray tracing
    • Shadow alignment errors
    • Resolution on Xbox Series S is slightly lower than on PlayStation 5
    • The performance is between 5 and 10% lower than the Sony console
    • It does not reach 60 FPS
  • The game has arrived on Xbox Series X | S with a new update called Spider thread.
  • Wait for resolution and performance errors, be corrected via a patch.

Other games that accompanied Ghostwire Tokyo on Xbox Game Pass

As we know, Ghostwire Tokyo was not the only game to reach Xbox Game Pass in this month of April and the following also accompany it. Some are already available and others will arrive in the coming weeks/days.

  • loop hero
  • Eternal Space 2
  • Iron Brigade
  • Minecraft Legends
  • Coffee Talk Episode 2
  • Mysteries of property
  • The Last Case of Benedict Fox

And you? Have you ever played Ghostwire Tokyo on Xbox Game Pass? What do you think of its performance? Personally, to this day, I still have to start it and I will do it as soon as I start having a little more free time, because with so much play, it is impossible to cope.

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