Just a week ago, Ghostwire Tokyo finally reached Xbox and Game Pass users (on PC and consoles) after spending a year as a temporary PlayStation 5 exclusive, the result of pre-acquisition deals from Bethesda and Zenimax. .

However, its launch in the proprietary ecosystem was not without some controversy, first due to the introduction of Denuvo DRM as soon as it arrived in the Game Pass subscription service, and now due to performance issues. in this version, all the more obvious if it is about us. compare with the previous version of PS5.

He was on the DF Direct podcast of Digital foundry Or Oliver Mackenzie shared his concerns after returning to play.

“Generally it performs worse than the PlayStation 5, and (the) Series S is a disaster, so it’s a really weird situation and not quite what you’d expect from what is now a proprietary Microsoft development studio. .”

Among other bugs, Mackenzie details issues with reflections and shadows with ray tracing. Regarding Xbox Series S performance specifically, he claims that there are two graphics modes on the Series S (Performance and Quality) and neither is ray-traced. Game Performance mode also doesn’t hit 60fps.

“Resolutions are pretty similar for the most part, but Quality mode is a moderately lower resolution than PlayStation 5 it seems, and performance is typically 5-10% lower than PlayStation 5 ( comparing) the same scene.”

Have you tried the Xbox version of Ghostwire Tokyo?

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