Such Genshin Impact as elderberry ring These are games that have managed to move million people. Perhaps more the first than the second, despite the good sales of the last work of FromSoftware. However, with both games being so popular, any fusion of them is as crazy as it is spectacular, and that is precisely what I am going to bring you today.

I’ve said on some occasions that if there’s anything I love almost as much as video games in this industry, it’s the community and what they are able to do. I don’t know if you’ll remember it in Genshin Impact the protagonist must fight at some point in the story against the Shogun Raiden, the Electro Archon found in Inazuma. Well they moved at that exact moment an Elden ring. And that’s not an exaggeration.

The mod that combines Elden Ring with Genshin Impact

This happened Reddit where they echoed the video that shows this mod in action. I leave it below with the details:

  • The video was shared on the subreddit of Genshin Impact for game fans HoYover delighted with him
  • Basically the mod does the character you control becomes Lumine, female lead role of Genshin Impact
  • And it also does Malenia, one of those who happens to be the very Shogun Raiden
  • The result was much better than expected and that is why the post of Reddit It has thousands of upvotes, showing all the fans loved it

What do you think of the result of this merger between Genshin Impact there Ring of the Ancients? Rare or spectacular? I hope that one day they will make a collaboration between HoYover there FromSoftware!

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