Global interactive entertainment brand HoYoverse has announced that Honkai: Star Rail, its new fantasy space RPG, is now officially available on PC, iOS, Android, and the Epic Games Store. Furthermore, he also confirmed that he is developing a version for PlayStation. This epic space adventure, where players will meet unique characters and explore a universe full of different worlds, is about to begin! You have more information available at

Honkai: Star Rail is a fantastic new space RPG in which you can enjoy journeys to vast unexplored worlds. The game combines fantasy elements with myths and legends which are embedded in the space sci-fi story. Additionally, it features an intuitive turn-based combat system, large maps with labyrinth explorations, puzzle solving, and immersive storylines that together make up an interstellar melody full of surprises and rewarding experiences that reverberate throughout the universe.

The protagonist, with an implanted Estelaron, bravely heads out into the galaxy to investigate the truth surrounding the so-called “Cancer of All Worlds”. You will discover a vast universe in which unique cultures and landscapes abound to explore. In the beginning, you can experience the origin of the story in the Herta space station. Next, you will set off to explore Jarilo-VI and Xianzhou Luofu, two main destinations on your space journey. Jarilo-VI hides countless mysteries and dangers frozen beneath its layers of ice waiting to be further investigated. The Xianzhou Luofu is a silkpunk ship whose inhabitants seem to have achieved immortality. Join us on a fantastic journey full of dangers and surprises and uncover the mysteries of the Estelaron.

This journey in search of the stars invites each character to begin their own journey. Here you will meet a large number of characters different from each other, but all of them with incredible abilities. Siete de Marzo and Dan Heng, a passionate young woman and indifferent guardian of the Astral Express who will fight by your side. As the plot progresses, the unknown pasts of both characters will be revealed. You will meet more companions, such as Kafka, Serval, Jing Yuan and Bailu, who come from different factions and have different backgrounds, they are all part of this dazzling galactic journey! Plus, they’ll be more than happy to step in, unleashing their powers when exploring, investigating puzzles, and more. Solving the mysteries and puzzles of the universe takes teamwork!

With the official launch of Honkai: Star Rail, we will be hosting a series of offline events to provide a fun interactive experience for players around the world who are eagerly awaiting the journey. Moreover, it has been confirmed that the game will be present at Anime Expo, Japan Expo, Gamers Con, Gamescom and Tokyo Game Show 2023. During them, our fans will be able to enjoy live events and the presentation of the latest game content.

Honkai: Star Rail is available now on PC, Epic Games Store, iOS and Android. Its version for PlayStation is under development and we will reveal more information about it later. The ESRB rated the game T (Teen) and PEGI rated it a 12+ game. For more details visit

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