Without a doubt, Franck Ocean became the leading artist of the Coachella Festival of this 2023 and not just because he took the stage after not having done so since 2017, but because of all that his performance gave of himself.

The first disappointment came when the organization of the event announced at the last minute that his concert would not be streamed like the rest. A cancellation that did not please all those who had prepared at home not to miss the show.

But it is that in Indo (California) things were not going better. one hour late, a concert shorter than expected and a series of details such as the artist’s merch not being sold, left many in attendance exploding.

Admittedly, there was no shortage of defending voices, such as that of justin bieber who appreciated the rapper’s concert and dedicated beautiful words of admiration to him.


In principle, the thing was going to repeat itself next weekend. Frank Ocean had been chosen to close the festival on Sunday. But it won’t be like that anymore, as the rapper’s rep confirmed to Rolling Stone magazine.

“After sustaining a leg injury on the festival grounds in the week leading up to weekend 1, Frank Ocean was unable to perform his scheduled show, but still intended to do so, and in 72 hours the show was reworked out of necessity“, he said to announce that his concert was canceled.

Apparently, the 35-year-old singer has suffered serious injuries that prevent him from participating: “On the advice of the doctor, Frank unable to perform weekend 2 due to two broken bones and sprained left leg”.

New disappointment for all those who were to see it. “It was chaotic. There is beauty in chaos. It’s not what I intended to show, but I liked being there. and I’ll see you soon,” the musician said in the rep’s statement.

It seems like Blink-182 will be the group in charge of replacing him at the end of the festival.

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