Javier Rey, Verónica Echegui and Tamar Novas star in the adaptation of Almudena Grandes’ novel

Dr. Garcia’s Patients has already premiered on RTVE’s La 1 with an acceptable audience (10.1% market share, 1.1 million viewers and more than 2.8 million contacted at any given time), but not shiny. It will be necessary to remain attentive to its evolution week after week.

If you haven’t read the novel written by Almudena Grandes, on which this adaptation is based, you may be lost with its characters. For him, I have prepared a guide with the protagonists and which actors play them; I let you know that Patients of Doctor Garcia is a television series to be paid special attention to so as not to miss any details. A whodunnit which must be scrutinized because otherwise, you risk being left clueless chapter after chapter. Who is who in Doctor Garcia’s patients?

The characters and actors of Doctor Garcia’s patients

Javier Rey is Guillermo

Guillermo is a young doctor on the Republican side who finds himself without a profession after Franco’s victory. He gets a new identity thanks to his friend Manuel, so he can stay in Spain with a life that is not his. He will also collaborate with Manuel in denouncing the complicity of the Franco regime in the escape of Nazi criminals and fugitives..

Javier Rey is one of the best Spanish actors of his generationthat we have seen in recent years in a large number of projects: Velvet (2014), flour (2018), lies (2020), The silence of the white city (2019) or the summer we live (2020) are just a few of them.

Tamar Novas is Manuel

Manuel is a diplomat who becomes a spy having sworn allegiance to the Republic. Your goal is simple: demonstrate how the dictatorship of Francisco Franco helps Nazis and collaborators on the Nazi side to settle in Spain or to emigrate to other countries despite the persecutions of the law.

tamar novas manual doctor garcia's patients

The race of Tamar Novas It is very extensive, so it seems impossible to sum it up; from papers in the language of butterflies (1999) y deep sea (2004), until a present in the background with films like 1000 km of Christmas (2021) y open body (2022).

Veronica Echegui is Amparo

Amparo is a young Falangist from before the Civil War took place; she takes refuge in Guillermo’s house, its neighbor, during the siege against Republican Madrid. He and Amparo were inseparable childhood friends and she wants that spark to reignite as she grows up. Obviously, the ideological differences between the two seem insurmountable.

veronica echegui amparo doctor garcia's patients

Long career actress Veronique Echegui shone with I am Juani (2006) and recently we’ve seen her in movies like secret origins (2020), also with Xavier Rey; the book of love (2022) and Objects (2022).

Eva Llorach as Clara Stauffer

She’s the real villain Patients of Doctor Garcia: Clara Stauffer is responsible for the press and propaganda of the female section of the Spanish Falange, a friend of Pilar Primo de RiveraPhalangist in Spain and Nazi in Germany. He has everything, come on. And he is primarily responsible for helping the Nazi government send fugitives and criminals to Spain and Argentina.

eva llorach patients of doctor garcia clara stauffer

Among the works of Eva Llorach stand out magic girl (2014), who will sing to you (2018) y wandering heart (2021), having recently released Cage (2022).

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