ASTRO’s Moon Bin Dies At 25, Adding To List Of K-Pop Singers Who Died Untimely

ASTRO’s Moon Bin Dies At 25, Adding To List Of K-Pop Singers Who Died Untimely

This Wednesday evening, the representative of Lunar trash canof the group ASTRO, found the lifeless body of the K-Pop singer in his apartment in the Gangnam district of Seoul. He was only 25 years old.

“First of all, we apologize for delivering such sad and painful news,” began the statement he shared. Fantagio, the agency that represented the singer since primary school and that he took it upon himself to announce the news on social networks.

“April 19, ASTRO Member, Moon Bin suddenly left us and became a star in the sky“, they reported.

He had been working since the age of eight after his film debut. He went through different levels of training until in 2016, he joined ASTRO. Since then, he has played roles on television, on the internet and in the cinema.

sadness and shock

“We can’t compare the sadness of loved ones saying goodbye to their beloved son and brother, but ASTRO members and all Fantagio artists and executives who have spent a lot of time together are leaving. our deepest condolences amid the great sadness and shock“, they expressed.

The group was a little on hold after one of them left and the other had to leave temporarily to do their compulsory military service in Korea. The future was uncertain, but his fans were always by his side.

“It breaks our hearts to deliver this sudden news to the fans who have been supporting and giving Moon Bin so much love. It makes us even sadder because we know he was someone who loved his fans more than anyone“, they continue to affirm.


At the moment, the causes of his death are unknown, but, according to the Yonhap agency, official sources suggest that it could have been “an extreme choice», that is to say, a suicide.

Fantagio asked “seriously that refrain from speculative and malicious reporting so that his family, who are grieving over this sudden loss, may respectfully bid him farewell and remember him.”

She also assures that there will be a funeral, but that “in respect of the will of the relatives, they will take place in the most discreet way possible and only family, friends and company colleagues will be present.

Moon Bin joins the ever-longer list of young korean artists who died prematurely and suddenness, which increases speculation about the demands of an industry taking over the world, but perhaps at a very high cost.

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