Orlando Florida. – Florida school students’ summer vacation could be canceled as a new bill, moving through the state legislature, would create a pilot program that would extend the school year throughout the year.

The project has yet to be approved, but it has begun to stir controversy, and members of Florida county school boards and families of students have strongly opposed it. People who oppose the idea point out that vacations are necessary and right.

“The legislature tried to implement something without telling the school board,” said Osceola County School Board member Julius Melendez.

The measure that seeks to create a pilot plan that would cancel summer vacation and extend study time for students in schools across Florida school districts.

For her part, Alicia Ferrant of the Orange County School Board said that “really, there’s a lot to think about because, where is the money going to come from…all year?”

Not all schools would participate in this proposal making its way through the Florida State Chamber, since districts would have to apply for registration with the Department of Education and only five of them would be chosen to participate.

If that program is approved, it would launch next school year and be allowed to operate for four years in select school districts, and then lawmakers would decide whether to expand it or not.

“The impacts and consequences of one school year are too great…”, commented Meléndez.

Jessmary Echevarría, a mental health graduate, says academic rest is vital for better performance “because every day they use the same brain to capture information and… emotionally themselves.”

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