Will there be a second Marvelous Disaster movie? This is how things are…

It coincided in the release schedule with The Three Musketeers: D’Artagnancon Renfield and with susume, but nothing and no one can stop Wonderful Disaster from being a success. The same way as After Years ago, this project born from the same producers is backed by a youth literary saga that triumphed among teenagers around the world. And register Dylan Sprouse there Virginia Gardner as protagonists only confirms that we can talk about Wonderful disaster 2except disaster.

All about Marvelous Disaster 2

wonderful disaster It hits theaters on April 14, 2023, but even before that many of us wonder if there will be Wonderful disaster 2. Surely those of you who have read the novels written by Jamie McGuire you know the answer to this question: so far, 5 are the books published in our country:

  1. Wonderful disaster.
  2. Inevitable disaster.
  3. A disaster is eternal.
  4. Wonderful mistake.
  5. Wonderful redemption.

Therefore, there are many ballots to be received Wonderful disaster 2, although his real name is Inevitable Catastrophe if they listen to the novels. Of course, everything will depend on the box office that makes the first part in the cinemas, which without needing too much, It should reach the amount raised by After in 2019: around 70 million dollars.

Most likely there will be Marvelous Disaster 2, although possibly adapting the third novel.

What would be the story of Inevitable Disaster (or Marvelous Disaster 2)?

If we read the summary of inevitable disaster (o Wonderful disaster 2), then we find that the novel tells us the story through Travis’ eyes, not through Abby’s perspective. This means that maybe cinematically speaking, it doesn’t make much sense to adapt this book. Here is his argument:

“For the first time in his life, he’s overwhelmed by a girl. She’s brave, smart and beautiful, but he knows she’s hiding something. At first, all he wants is to take her away. in bed, but she makes it clear that she’s just gonna be his friend. This arrangement doesn’t work because the more time they spend together, the more he loves her. Abby is innocent and hurt, and Travis is afraid of falling in love. of her because she is different from the others. So he decides to fight.”

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