News about The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has been flooding the internet since yesterday, after all it was yesterday that the last trailer the game will receive until release day was released. The wait will be long, that’s for sure, but It looks like the Splatoon 3 team has something on their hands to make our wait a little more enjoyable.

And it is that today nintendo announced that A week before Tears of the Kingdom launches, Splatoon 3 players can enjoy a themed Splatfest on the occasion of the launch of the next great game in the Zelda saga. This time we will have to choose which of the three parts of the triforce we want to represent, which means that the teams will be divided between the side of Power, that of Wisdom and that of Courage.

Also, this time we can play in a new Zelda saga-themed triangular scene, and that in the center the triforce is represented with the three distinctive colors of the golden goddesses of Ocarina of Time. Look how beautiful it is:

This event will be playable from Saturday 6 May to Monday 8 May, which means that when this launches, there will be less than a week until Tears of the Kingdom is released. The truth is, playing this Splatfest is going to brighten up the wait a lot, so I’m not going to miss it. I will surely choose the power team, and you?

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