After talking about Ilkay Gundogannow it was Ben White Showdown’s turn. His SBC will also be available in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team until April 26. His team will play Manchester City as visitors that day, and if they win, that card would get an average of two extra points. It would be one in case of a tie and none in case of a tie. But since we don’t know what will happen in this Premier League game, now we will analyze its current characteristics.

Positions: CB and LD. Its SBC currently costs around 367,450 coins in the general market and 384,000 on PC. He has a medium/high work rate, a tall and balanced build +, is 1’85 tall and is right-handed.

FIFA 23 – Ben White Showdown Analysis

With its current functionality, we hope it will be a very decent central defender for competitive but not high-level teams. Because he will provide speedups, his sprint will be pretty decent, and his defensive stats are great. However, physically he will not be very powerful, which will put him at a disadvantage compared to other options.

Although the season of FIFA 23 started a long time ago, it is still positive that a DFC reaches 83 accelerations naturally. All the more so if combined with his interesting numbers in interceptions (92), intelligence (91), steals (91) and tackles (88). And for this combination, Ben White Showdown will be able to deliver in most individual situations. Because it will be fast at the start and precise in the cut.

However, other Ultimate Team alternatives have slightly more modest acceleration but will be much more physically powerful. Because the Arsenal footballer barely an 85 match in strength with 6’2″ and Tall & Balanced Body Type+ instead of High and Balanced (this “+” makes players weaker).

As discussed, Ben White Showdown You won’t enjoy the melee dominance of other footballers in FIFA 23. And while he almost always has to back it up with speed and reliability when trying to fly, it can sometimes make it more precarious.

Some central defenders of Ultimate Team, very powerful physically, know how to unbalance the opponent by struggling. But for this letter it should be much more complicatedsomething that might especially bother us against the typical big and strong attackers.

Apart from the fact that, in order not to have this dominance in close combat, his 86 more than correct in sprint will be less useful in game. Because other cards, by reaching the enemy attacker, will be able to annoy him more easily.

And finally, Ben White Showdown will have very good conditions to recover the ball from behind. His dribbling stats are worthy of a midfielderas well as his 91 short pass and 90 long pass. So he could facilitate early play with his quality.

So with the features it currently has, we expect it to be a fairly decent DFC but not top level. Because his pace is remarkable but not exceptional, and he won’t appreciate the physical power of other players. This lack of inches and strength should take its toll at specific times, causing it to not be as strong as other alternatives.

Major Arsenal FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Special Builds
The special versions of Martinelli, Zinchenko and Saliba are transferable and very useful.

So is it worth it?

We don’t recommend it because although it should work well, right now we find alternatives that convince us even more in the Premier League. So we would use some of these replacements before completing his SBC.

For example, Fofana RTTF he has two points less acceleration but his sprint reaches 89. The defensive stats are similar, he reaches 1’90 in height and 91 in strength. It will be someone more dominant in melee and in the general market it only costs around 185,000 coins

We also find, for prices lower than the SBC, the Fantasy FUT version of Hero Ledley King and Laporte World Cup Stories. DFC is slower initially, but could compensate with physical power.

Varane Winter Wildcard would be another valid optionwhich in the general market is around 325,000 pieces and works quite well. Koulibaly TOTY Honorable Mentions not bad either (320,000), even his Path to Glory if you want to spend less (175,000).

Yes if you don’t mind spending more coins to use an even more compelling DFC in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, Saliba Fantasy FUT is around 440,000 coins in the general market. Many of his stats are similar to Ben White Showdown, but he combines a 91 strength with a 1’92 body type that is tall and balanced. He will have the size that his partner will not appreciate.

Thus, as his physique will evolve, we do not recommend this SBC. Because in the Premier League we have already found many alternatives to replace him. Players with a little less acceleration but cheaper and bigger, or of a similar cost and which convince us even more due to the physical difference. Because they are similar in terms of speed, but they are about 1’90 tall.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team England Competitive Map Examples
Although it appeared a long time ago, Alexander-Arnold Centurions is nonetheless a very complete LD which can be enjoyed (maps thanks to

Recommended Chemistry Style

  • dark : I would appreciate the strength boost provided by Anchor, but it wouldn’t stand out for its acceleration. While with this alchemy, the commented attribute will reach 91 and his sprint to 94. He will also have very interesting.

CCS Solution

Challenge 1: England

Reward: Electro Prime Players Pack.

  • Min. 1 England player
  • Minimum team star value: 86
FIFA 23 Ultimate Team SBC White Showdown
149,000 coins in general market and 154,350 in PC

Challenge 2: Premier League

Reward: Small Rare Gold Player Pack.

  • Min. 1 Premier League player
  • Minimum team star value: 87
FIFA 23 Ultimate Team SBC White Showdown
227,450 coins in general market and 229,650 in PC

As a reminder, the Ben White Showdown SBC will expire on April 26 (match day). Here you have Abraham’s article RTTF. Also the link to the Telegram broadcast channel where we notify you when we post content to FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Cheers!

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