Like yesterday, we discovered the way to get eleven cards with an average of 81 or more from Serie A, today we will do the same with the Spanish championship. As we said before, this type of CCScan be very useful for the TOTS event of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Without further ado, we will resolve this improvement.

SBC “Improve LaLiga x11 81+”

We can meet this challenge until friday april 28 at seven in the evening (Spanish peninsula time). The prize will consist of an eleven-card game of LaLiga Santander with an average of 81 or more. We can repeat it once every 24 hoursalthough the footballers who touch us they will be non-transferable.

Challenge 1: Team OVR: 83

Reward: About gold.

  • Minimum team star value: 83
19,400 coins in general market and 20,700 in PC

Challenge 2: Team OVR: 84

Reward: On mix of Premium players.

  • 1 player min. : Team of the Week (TOTW)
  • Min. 2 players OVR 85 and above
  • Minimum team star value: 84
FIFA 23 Ultimate Team SBC improves LaLiga x11 81+
53,300 coins in general market and 54,200 in PC

If LaLiga Santander is your favorite competition in FIFA 23, you might do the SBC once in a while to try your luck when their team of the season becomes available. But if this were not the case, we would give up because in this competition we find a lot of +81 players.

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