We’ve all felt like our lives are controlled by something called fate. That we make certain decisions for a wheel that keeps turning and that makes us go in one direction or another. This is the premise from which Fatum, the first film (excluding animation) by Galician Juan GaliñanesProtagonized by Luis Tosar there Alex Garcia and who manages to surprise in the middle of the sequence with a 180 degree turn. If you came looking for a whodunnit flights, you will be disappointed. Fatum is a drama about two broken families and two parents about to fall into the abyss.

The script of Fatum knows how to manage the tension until the end

It’s hard to keep viewers in front of the screen for 90 minutes without blinking, especially if it’s a mixed and uneven audience. But Fatum achieves this with a scenario that knows how to surpriseeven if you’ve seen the trailer and read the synopsis. Yes, the first half of the movie takes place in a robbery at a game room. But fate makes everything change in milliseconds. For what Fatum is about people who question their actions and their consequences. without entering spoilers, if the mother had taken this bus, nothing would have happened. And if the father had not gone to the playroom, his children would not have entered after him and the result would have been different. What if that man had fired… But everything happens for a reason.

It’s hard to base your whole storyline on a game of decisions, but it manages to surprise until the end, thanks to that pitch change that occurs in the middle of a sequence. In fact, on stage accentuating the drama and keeping the thriller until the last minute: two parents who fight their own demons for the love of their children. FateLike I said, this isn’t just another heist movie. It is the cinema that deals with ethical questions such as transplants, revenge or the pain caused by bereavement. And this heist remains in the background without heroes or villains. These are all people who act out of torment, anguish and torture.

Fatum looks like a heist movie, but it really isn’t

The great work of interpretation of Fatum

Álex García and Luis Tosar shine like never before with two characters that put them against the ropes. To play Sergio and Pablo, you need guts and a lot of experience in front of the cameras: they are men going through the worst time of their lives and they need to be directed by quality actors. surprise above all Alex Garcia, which shows that with the right role, he shines. It also impacts Luis Tosar, although we are much more accustomed to their outstanding performance. And in the secondary cast, Arón Piper convinces as the “bad guy” who is not and María Luisa Mayol as a broken and destroyed mother.

Galicia, emblematic setting of Fatum

The twilight they face pablo there Sergio he could not be placed in another locality which was not La Coruña: the Galician city is the perfect setting for a sad and dark film. It’s raining because a storm is unleashed on two families who are on the verge of losing everything.. And again it is clear that La Coruña It’s the perfect setting for action movies, as seen in 2015 with the unknown.

Luis Tosar and Alex Garcia fatum
Luis Tosar and Álex García face off in an interpretation duel with two winners

Fatum is an essential drama

I left the theater in tears on a final scene that breaks your heart. Two lives that unexpectedly intersect due to a capricious fate and end up breaking one way or another. I just hope viewers will flock to see Fatum, a thriller that shatters your expectations to stop being a typical heist movie and become a drama that explores the issues that affect us.

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