This Tuesday evening Survivors: No Man’s Land, left us with many surprises. On the one hand, the immense joy of Asraf Beno y Adara Miller after knowing that they had been saved from their great enemy, Manuel Cortés. On the other hand, the evacuation of yaiza martin after suffering several power outages.

But it is that in addition, Carlos Sobera announced a great novelty that will change things in the competition from next Thursday. We have already found out, the competitors will do it on Thursday.

Something happens that they have been waiting and asking for for a long time and that is that since the beginning of this edition the competitors have lived separately in groups. The moment of unification is coming and that everyone lives the experience in the same place.


“It will produce reunion of old friends and rivals“Assured Sobera when announcing the news. And many of us have thought of the same reunion.

Asraf and Adara meet again, but the enemies Asraf and Manuel also meet. And Diego and Adara who have been nominated again and again“, underlined the presenter for the clearest clashes that exist at the moment.

But there is another encounter that can take other paths. “We also have the reunion of Raquel Arias and Bosco and be careful because it seems that Bosco was tingling a little with his companion“, Sobera dropped that it must have been that something stuck with him about his role as a matchmaker in First dates.

new location

The fact is that the competitors leave Cayo Paloma and Cabeza de león for start living together at Pelicano Beacha new location that we still don’t know what advantages and disadvantages it has compared to the places they already know.

Not only the competitors awaited the arrival of this moment, but also the public, who have much to comment on and shared their joy at the arrival of this moment.

A unification that one of the nominees will lose. After the salvation of Asraf and Adara, the expulsion is between Manuel Cortés, Raquel Arias, Yaiza Martín and Arelys Ramos.

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