The controversy between bad bunny y Harry Styles did not fade over the days after what happened to Coachella 2023. So much so that in a short time the entourage of the artist came out to defend his artist and the company in charge of broadcasting the videos on giant screens tried to mediate the controversy by releasing the responsibility of the Puerto Rican soloist.

Rolling Stone magazine has contacted representatives for the performer, who assured that they had no further comments to make than the fact that Bad Bunny had never approved this message in the form of a tweet appearing on the screens of his show.

A similar circumstance is taken from the company’s statement Sturdy.coresponsible for the digital staging of the 2023 Coachella festival. “Our intention is to create playful designs that embody Bad Bunny’s personality and amplify the experience he presents as an artist. The artist’s request of the visuals for the presentation of ‘The Blackout’ was to use only the image and not the text of the tweet, which we took responsibility and corrected for (this) presentation on Friday. These images are a celebration of Bad Bunny and his dedication to empowering his home island, Puerto Rico,” the company commented via his official Instagram profile.

Two explanations that shed some light on the situation experienced last Saturday morning. While performing one of his songs, a message could be seen on the screens saying that Harry Styles could never do what Bad Bunny did, but vice versa: “Good night. Benito could have done As it is but Harry could never have done The Blackout.”

The message, without a username or photo, still does not appear in a simple search on the social network Twitter, which the format displayed on the screen seems to correspond to. No mention on any other network, no user identified in the tweet…

A circumstance that has led many Internet users to think that the message came directly from the artist or his environment. So far, neither of the two artists has spoken: neither Bad Bunny (who we have already told you will not make statements) nor Harry Styles who has not reacted to the message nor to the noise generated around of everything that happened.

Because the relationship between the two artists seems to be in good shape while a few months ago we saw that of Puerto Rico during a concert on the British Love on Tour.

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