Gasoline of Daddy Yankee marked a before and after in the history of reggaeton, and there is no doubt about it. there is no party without Gasolinethere is no past of the urban music scene without Gasolinethere is no reggaeton legend without Gasoline.

The song marks the debut of a Daddy Yankee who will soon change the course of his career and become an international reference. One of those who have been inspired by his talent is Myke towers, who is now a legend among new generations of artists in the urban music scene. Also. The Puerto Rican has fulfilled his dream of collaborating with one of his idols hand in hand with He is sleepinga topic that has swept across digital platforms.

But that’s not all. Now they are coming back to the charge, and in no case. They unite in the new version of Gasolinedad’s classic reggaeton. The song will be part of the soundtrack of the new film by fast furiouswhich will be released in the best theaters on May 19. With a remix created by Safari Riot, the two join their voices in a song to which Towers adds his most personal musical touch.

The topic has already emerged on digital platforms and generated all kinds of opinions about it. On the one hand, there are those who are not entirely convinced by this version and, on the other, those who shared their emotion on hearing the return of Gasolina by one of the most promising young talents in reggaeton.

What is clear is that this launch has generated a real revolution in social networks, since it is a real surprise that reggaeton lovers have experienced with more emotion than ever. For its part, Dad announced the final concert of his career in Puerto Rico, the country where he was born, raised and successful in music.

And you, what do you think of the new version of Gasolina? Are you ready to flirt with her in the clubs?

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