This Sunday we saw Survivors: Honduras Connection, a new reward test of those who leave us speechless for the effort it takes from competitors. The winners this time were Yaiza, March, Diego there boat.

All those They were able to enjoy a shower with fresh water and soap what they enjoyed to the fullest and that is that they have not been able to wash properly for too many weeks and their body odor, even though it is already part of their daily routine, must not be the more agreable. In fact, one of the things that stands out the most when they have visitors is the good smell of newcomers.

In addition, each of them could retrieve three items from the bags they had packed at the start of the program. It is then that the problem with boat.

The big catch

Laura Madrueno she called him to her side after taking a shower. “Come with me because the pirate Morgan told me to show me your pockets, did you keep anything?” he asked, and Bosco showed his pockets which were completely empty.

But the thing is, the all-eyed pirate Morgan was referring to the pocket of one of the two bathing suits he pulled out of his suitcase. It was then that we discovered that there was a comb in the pocket of one of them. “I saw it and I put it on, the truth is that I did not count correctly“, defended the competitor.

Laura asked her classmates if they thought she did it on purpose and they said no. “I did not count it well, I wouldn’t have put it there, I would have hidden it“, he insisted, assuring that he had been without intention to deceive.

Adarists against

She had to return one of the items and decided to go without the comb and keep two bathing suits and the slippers. One more reason that the adaristas have seized to attack it and it is that the fact that he has named her for several weeks has not pleased much.

In his day he said he looked like an atomic woman, but the truth is he kept giving her his vote and this earned him many enemies who unloaded on him in the networks.

This Sunday, we saw Adara confess that she would have liked “that Bosco, Raquel Arias, Yaiza and Diego would have been nominated”. But he didn’t go into misery because if anything has shown it in recent weeks it’s that he doesn’t like conflict.

The truth is that they are increasingly criticizing him, although he also has many defenders. You could say that has the audience divided. It does not lack criticism, but also praise.

“He’s a super fair person, he always smiles when people are struggling, he encourages his teammates, what more do you want from a competitor?” he asked. Marthe Penate from the whole. And like them, many are on his side and see him as a winner.

We’ll see how his contest goes, though it’s clear that Adara doesn’t have him on his favorites list.

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