Well, in the end it seems that this chapter 92 of the manga of “Dragon Ball Super” is going to be more special than their official drafts anticipated. Yes, the first part of the chapter was clearly designated to represent the first meeting between Gamma 2 and Piccolo, but it seems that Part 2 will explore other little things like… Broly. Indeed, the Legendary Super Saiyan returns to action and this time he does so to appear for the first time and officially in the “Dragon Ball” manga.

Without further ado, I leave you with some of the images that shared DBHype about what we will see April 20 at 5 p.m. MangaMore (yes, when “Dragon Ball Super” manga chapter 92 is officially released).

The new leaked images of chapter 92 of the manga Dragon Ball Super

Summary of what we will see in Chapter 92 of Dragon Ball Super manga

  • Basically Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 92 will have 3 well-defined parts:
    • Gamma 2 opening match against Piccolo.
    • Piccolo’s infiltration into the Red Ribbon Army base and subsequent contact with Bulma.
    • The start of the practice match between Broly and Goku.
  • Strikingly, I want to emphasize two details on Bulma’s panels:
    • First of all, what they nerfed her ass. I think all of us who have seen the movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero remember the big “zoom” they did on his butt and actually has been “cut” in countries like China. It seems that Toyotaro and Toriyama weren’t very interested in this.
    • Secondly, There’s a pet dinosaur! Of course, we didn’t see this in the movie, but it looks like Bulma and Trunks have a familiar new sidekick in Vegeta’s absence.
  • Finally, obviously the big dish is that of Broly’s first official appearance in the Dragon Ball Super manga. Because no, this summary panel of the film Dragon Ball Super: Broly does not count, sorry. In this case we see that it looks like it was wanted expand the battle we also saw in the movie, because when it appears it extends to chapter 93 of the manga.

I believe that The mere fact of knowing that we will be able to properly see Broly in action is already worth what happens in chapters 92 and 93 of the manga “Dragon Ball Super”.. In the end I don’t know about you, but personally he’s the character I most want to see in action officially. I’ve always been blown away since he first appeared as a crazed villain in the “Dragon Ball Z” movies and as a canon character he should have a lot of potential as a warrior. We will see how it is handled in the future.

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