gohan beast was undoubtedly the biggest surprise we found in “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero”. Yeah, personally I loved seeing Piccolo become a really relevant character again in combat as well, but the reality is there was nothing that could beat the fact that until otherwise stated Gohan seems to be on the same level or even more than Goku and Vegeta currently. And from there it A figure as spectacular as the one I bring to you today was announced.

Gohan Beast shoots the Makankosappo in this new figure from Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

Then you can take a look at the line piece FIGUARTS ZERO (EXTRA BATTLE) who saves Gohan Beast by executing the Makankosappo who killed Cell Max (via DBSCronicles):

A figure pass, things as they are. Then I leave you with all the initial information that was shared about this piece:

  • To begin with, the price with which it will go on sale in Japanese territory has been confirmed: 11 thousand yen.
  • Obviously things can always vary (ultimately you have to consider things like taxes etc.) but to exchange currency are around 75 euros.
  • The figure You can start booking from April 21, 2023. However, the first units will not be released until September (there is no exact date for this).
  • In which international stores will this figure be available? Good question. For the moment, no particular trade has been mentioned, so we will have to be attentive to see where one of the most spectacular official figures of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero lands that we have seen so far.

The truth, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this figure is announced now that we are getting closer to Gohan Beast seen in the “Dragon Ball Super” manga.. That obviously won’t happen this month, but I’m confident it will have happened by the time the figure becomes freely available for purchase, which is sure to skyrocket bookings and sales ahead of it. arrive in September.

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