Walmart makes new wage adjustments in the United States: to whom?

Walmart is making new salary adjustments in its stores located in the United States, we tell you to whom this new measure of the retail chain applies.

Walmart announced new salary adjustments for its employees in the United States, a measure that applies to those who are being integrated into the retail chain.

The new employees of the supermarket chain are paid less per hour than their colleagues who joined previously.

The measure came into effect last July, but it was only last Thursday, September 7, that the information was revealed by The Wall Street Journal.

Anne Hatfield, a spokeswoman for the retail chain, said the wage adjustments will create consistency in starting hourly pay at individual branches.

This, she said, will be reflected in improved staffing and customer service at Walmart.

To whom do the new wage adjustments apply?

Some of the workers to whom the new wage adjustments are being applied are those who pick orders online, among others.

Walmart specified that the exception to this wage adjustment would be workers in the deli, bakery, and car care departments.

As well as those who need higher skills to perform their duties, according to Walmart.

The retail chain’s spokeswoman clarified that those salary adjustments do not apply to current employees.

“A consistent starting salary results in consistent staffing and improved customer service, while creating new opportunities for associates to gain new skills from in-store experience and lay the foundation for their career, regardless of where they start,” the Walmart spokeswoman noted.

Hatfield acknowledged that it is complicated to rotate employees into different areas of the store to fill staffing gaps, due to wage differences among workers.

In that sense, he indicated that workers are part of the staff that earn less than their peers.

At the beginning of the year, Walmart had wages between $12 and $18 dollars per hour, but announced an increase that went into effect in February to between $14 and $19 dollars per hour, depending on the location of the branches.

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