This console will be compatible with ANY catalog of video games, regardless of the store they belong to

The world of portable consoles has existed for decades, since the mythical Game & Watch. But it evolved at a very rapid pace, until a few years ago when it arrived Nintendo Switch, which was a real revolution. Moreover, it has become a very influential console, and that is why the great steam bridge, portable console Valve play multiple games To smoke in portable format. But now it’s time to make way for ROG Ally, the new console that wants to break the world of portable and PC gaming by the brand ASUS.

ROG Ally announced with its first details

This console was announced by Republic of Gamers, a mark of ASUS, and it is a new portable console for playing video games on PC. Not only is it possible to play on this console, but It will work like a PC as it comes with Windows 11 operating system. I leave all the details and images below:

Performance, screen and components

The performance of this machine is going to be incredible, as it is equipped with a new APU, the custom-built AMD RyzenTM Z1 series processor with RDNA 3 graphics. the best graphics quality to date seen on a portable console. If you’re worried about your console getting hot, there’s no reason to because it’s equipped with ROG’s Zero Gravity Thermal System, a dual-fan system with ultra-thin heatsink fins and heat pipes at high friction to ensure your console stays cool. any direction.

As for its screen, it has a resolution of 1080p and a refresh rate of 120 Hz compatible with Adaptive Sync, with a maximum brightness of 500 nits, which is a very good number. And if, the screen is also touch!

Equipped with Windows 11

When working with Windows 11, in this ROG Ally, it appears that gamers have access to all the libraries and streaming services from their favorite publishers. You can also navigate the Windows desktop using the joysticks, buttons, or with your finger using the touchscreen.

There is also a special edition of Armory Crate created specifically for this console. It’s customized with quick performance mode switches, title launcher, in-game monitoring software, Aura Sync compatibility and more. And if you grab it, you’ll get a 90-day free trial of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Because, indeed, you can play Game Pass on ROG Ally without any problem.

Ergonomic and lightweight design

Its designers put a lot of emphasis on its weight and ergonomics. lester 608 grams, Hence, it is considered to be quite lightweight and allows you to have long gaming sessions without your hands getting tired. When it comes to ergonomics, the hands will be very comfortable as this machine features a unique triangular line on the back that allows gamers to hold the machine very securely in any position.


ROG Ally Launch Event

ROG Ally price and release date are totally unknown at the moment, but since Asus announced that there will be a live broadcast where will reveal all these details. The event will take place next May 11, 2023 at 4:00 p.m. (CEST). Afterwards, there will be a round table in which will participate Shawn Yen, Director of Product Management for the Gaming Business Unit of Asus, Roanne Sones, Gaming Device Ecosystem CVP Microsoft, there Frank Azor, Chief Architect, AMD Gaming Solutions & Marketing, to discuss the design history of ROG Ally.

But if you want to be the first to know the price and release date, Next visit this link which will take you to the official console website.

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