It was a bit of an unusual situation for the ASUS ROG Ally announcement, as the company unveiled the product on April Fool’s Day, leading many to believe it was a joke. This was not the case. In fact, the Windows 11 portable gaming platform is very realand soon, and with that, ASUS has now shared a ton of information related to the specs of the device.

First, the ROG Ally will be powered by AMD Ryzen Z1 series technology, using Zen4 architecture and RDNA 3 graphics to power the games you can play with it. The device will come with a base Ryzen Z1 processor or a more powerful Ryzen Z1 Extreme option that has more cores for gaming.

ROG Ally will also be compatible with Steam, Epic Games Store,, EA Play, Game Pass, Ubisoft Connect, etc.

Otherwise, we’re told the ROG Ally will pack a 512GB PCI Express 4.0 SSD, along with 16GB of dual-channel LPDDR5 RAM, which will work in harmony with the impressive display that packs a 1080p/120Hz-capable panel with a 1000:1 contrast ratio, 100% sRGB color gamut, 16:9 aspect ratio, 7ms response time, 500nits peak brightness, AMD FreeSync compatibility and all protected by Corning Gorilla Glass Victory.

In terms of audio setup, the ROG Ally will feature dual front-firing speakers with Dolby Atmos support. It will also feature a fingerprint unlock system to ensure the security of the device, as well as a MicroSD slot to increase the storage space of the device. It will also be Wi-Fi 6E compatible and will come with a new version of Armory Crate which is designed to remember and bring your game settings to a multitude of different platforms meaning no more fiddling with graphics options and so on. away when jumping between a portable device and your PC.

ROG Ally’s realistic shape was also designed to fit the contours of your wrists and uses Xbox’s asymmetrical layout for buttons and analog sticks. The device’s side buttons will be curved and feature macro key options so you can customize what each button does, as well as three built-in control schemes to switch between them.

Official: ASUS ROG Ally arrives with AMD Ryzen Z1 technology and RDNA 3 graphics card

Considering the ROG Ally weighs just 608g, you might be wondering how the device manages to keep all that tech cool. ASUS promises a dual-fan system that runs quieter than a single fan (20db with two and 30db with one), and because this is a portable gaming rig you’ll be moving around a lot, the ROG Ally even has a 360 degree Zero Gravity thermal solution that works regardless of device orientation.

Official: ASUS ROG Ally arrives with AMD Ryzen Z1 technology and RDNA 3 graphics card

Finally, ASUS has revealed that there will be an ROG Gaming Charger Dock for the ROG Ally, and it will be used to charge the device’s battery, but will also allow you to connect the device to a TV/monitor. gaming, and even as a docking station to connect mouse and keyboards to the device. We are told that this dock will use ROG XG Mobile technology to improve performance when put into practice.

The ROG Ally will also receive an ASUS-specific travel case, for those looking to take the device on the go.

While ASUS hasn’t revealed the exact price of the ROG Ally, it did reveal that there will be a launch event on May 11, where more information will be shared.

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