In Colombia, they were expecting Samsung smartphones sent from Miami, but they received sandbags.

Authorities say the culprit is Eduardo Miguel Rivera Paz, a 37-year-old Cuban citizen, who appeared in court on Monday.

“Sir, you are charged with grand larceny and larceny and theft of goods over $50,000. They appoint a Public Defender’s Office to represent him.”

According to court documents, while reviewing surveillance videos of the DHL Express facility, attached to Miami International Airport, Rivera Paz, who was acting as a supervisor, is seen walking with another man towards a freight forwarding area. .

The police report indicates that the cargo was returned inside the facility with a forklift and its contents transferred to a vehicle with a trailer.

And according to what happened in court, he removed the cell phones and put sandbags in so that it was the same weight as the phones when they were delivered to Colombia.

The incident happened on March 20. The next day the cargo arrived in Colombia and the sand passed through customs undetected, as if it were really the smartphones, theft of which was a millionaire.

More than 1 million 200 thousand dollars of Samsung mobile phones

According to the arrest report, Eduardo Miguel Rivera Paz lives in a neighborhood of trailers, located in Miramar, where neighbors said they did not know him.

In court, the judge set an increased bond of $300,000, which the defense found excessive.

And if Rivera were to pay it, in order to be released pending trial, there is one condition: he will have to show that the money or money used to pay bail is well earned.

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