Prodeus physically releases on Switch – Game News

Prodeus physically releases on Switch – Game News

There is good news for fans of prodeo that they were hoping for a physical release, as a listing of the game is starting to appear at retailers. It looks like Humble Games is preparing a boxed version for release next month.

Prodeus first appeared on Switch in late October. Until now, it was only available digitally.

Here is some information about the game:

Prodeus is a first-person shooter from yesteryear, reimagined using modern rendering techniques and technology. Experience the quality you expect from a modern AAA game, crafted with retro aesthetics and gameplay that invokes the limitations imposed by old hardware technology.

The game features a campaign hand-crafted by veterans of the FPS industry, cooperative and competitive multiplayer gameplay based on classic modes*, a fully integrated level editor and an integrated community map browser for instant action with almost unlimited levels to play.

Get ready to paint the walls red. It’s the Boomer Shooter you’ve been waiting for.

main characteristics

  • Retro looks, modern era: Shooters of yesterday and today collide with graphics that combine today’s high-quality 3D technology with retro visuals. Experience exaggerated lo-fi pixel explosions and high-tech particle effects as you take on the Prodeans and the forces of Chaos.
  • Pure retro FPS mayhem – get ready for non-stop fast and frantic action. Fight your way through hordes of chaos-spawned creatures using an arsenal of over-the-top classic weaponry.
  • Red Rain: Splatters steel walls and alien corridors with the blood of your enemies. Experience the gory thrills of snipers, reduced to 11 thanks to Prodeus’ delightfully insane dismemberment system.
  • Community-Created Levels – Discover new arenas with an integrated browser filled with community-created maps and keep the visceral combat fresh.
  • Multiplayer Mayhem – Gather and compete in a variety of multiplayer modes. Take on the campaign in 4-player co-op and jump into the fray in 16-player Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, CTF and more, then level up by creating and sharing custom game modes.
  • Frag to the Music – Burst your blood vessels as you listen to a supercharged metal soundtrack from retro FPS composer Andrew Hulshult that dynamically changes gears to accompany your actions.

You can pre-order the physical version of Prodeus for Switch on Amazon here. According to the retailer, it will be available on April 21, 2023.

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