For 26 years, David Cantero shares his life with Berta Caballeroan interior designer who has always remained in the background, but who has been the constant in her life for more than two decades.

The news anchor He is generally very discreet with his private life.but every April 3, he breaks that shell to congratulate the birthday of his wife and mother of his two children, Adrian there alexanderbrothers and sisters of her eldest son from a previous marriage.

During the pandemic, he spoke of his marriage: “We lived everything together, terrible crises and good times, times of serenity and uncertainty, sweet and bitter moments, but I still want to be by your side every minute! And I don’t know a better person to spend my life with or to experience confinement, however long it may be, I am very lucky!

A few words that generated rumors of a possible crisis this led him to criticize some journalism that existed today in the days of fakes.

Declaration of love

My love… Tweedledum and Tweedledee,” he wrote along with a photo of the two of them these days enjoying some downtime with family in Port Aventura.

It’s not that he went too far in his declaration of love, but sometimes two words are enough to express everything and ‘my love’ needs no further explanation.

Kiko Matamoros I gave him an ole and the comments the publication received referred, mainly to the beautiful couple they are.

  • What a way to couple
  • Nice way to declare love…!!!
  • How beautiful Long live love always
  • You make a very good couple
  • Two soul mates
  • Beautiful couple . Congratulations
  • How lucky you two are still happy
  • Very authentic

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