There are so many games out there today that knowing where to start and how to find the best examples of RPGs, shooters, or story games can be overwhelming. You want to experience different things, but you don’t want to spend money on something gross. So how about that? Eight games, each top examples of their respective genres, handpicked and all yours for $170. Death Stranding, Aliens Fireteam Elite, Life is Strange, Rollerdrome and some action and indie superlatives – Humble’s latest offering gets you all of it for just under $12.

Humble has just added all of these games to its extensive library, and if you want access to them, all you have to do is start a monthly subscription, which will cost you $11.99 USD (£9.99 GBP).

Now, that might set off a little alarm bell in your head: other than Epic or Prime or whatever, you don’t want any other monthly fees. Okay that’s good. When you sign up for Humble, all of those games are yours. Unsubscribing will cost you access to the rest of the library, and you won’t get the next batch of new offers either, but Death Stranding et al will still be yours.

Here is the full list:

  • Death Stranding Director’s Cut
  • Aliens Fireteam Elite
  • The second season of Life is Strange is over
  • Skating
  • The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante
  • monster camp
  • revived
  • Founders’ wealth

In total, the retail value of this bundle is just over US$172 (£137 GBP), so getting the bundle for $11.99 is a bargain.

Death Stranding is still so unique and crazy, but if you haven’t played Fireteam Elite, it’s a fantastic shooter. Do you remember the Colonial Marines? Fireteam Elite is what it would have been if it had been good.

A dormant hit from 2022, Rollerdrome comes from Roll7 developers OlliOlli, and combines Max Payne-style ball time with, well, skating. It looks great, sounds great and is unlike anything else. The life and suffering of Sir Brante is also worth watching, especially for fans of Darkest Dungeon and Pentiment.

On top of all that, 5% of Humble’s member dues this month will go to Cool Effect, a climate change charity.

Otherwise, take a look at some of the other best games coming in 2023. You might also want to try some great free games on Steam, for the best deal.

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