If we talk about original series of HBO Max, Barry takes the cake: this fiction starring and created by Bill Hader made history by presenting us with a very personal plot, transferred to the general public. Now, after several months of waiting, we finally have a release date for season 4 of Barry on HBO Maxand if you want to know when to see new chapters, take note.

When does Barry Season 4 air on HBO Max?

Barry season 4 premieres on HBO Max next Monday, April 17 from 2023date on which the platform streaming will provide us with the first chapter. However, it will probably be available early in the morningin the same way as series like The last of us they had a simultaneous release with the United States. In other words, either you stay awake all night or you see him eating breakfast.

Synopsis and trailer of the fourth season of Barry

After the arrest of Barry, Cousineau He is considered a true hero. But the arrest of our protagonist will have surprising consequences in the last chapter of the life trajectory of barry.

You will find the Barry season 4 trailer before you finish reading the article. Roughly, a promising breakthrough which continues in the wake that we have already seen in the first three seasons: Barry is the big protagonist of a series where all his weight rests on his shoulders.

Will there be season 5 of Barry on HBO Max?

Unfortunately, ahead of the premiere of season 4 of Barry, it has been confirmed that there will be no fifth season. Bill Haderdirector and star of barryexplained in an interview with Variety the reason for this cancellation: “the story ends naturally after season 4 (…). Of course, now that we’re here, we’re sentimental. But it really seems like a good time to end the series.“.

Therefore, a closed ending for one of the best series of HBO Max: “we could have filled in a lot and made a story but if we move on it should end in season four“.

Season 4 of Barry kicks off on April 17, 2023 with its first chapter airing on HBO Max.

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