We are getting more and more familiar with the products of The blonde neighbor who fills our lives with roses and also sunsets since he decided to make his debut in literature with The countdown to summer.

In this first novel, she took us on the path that led her from adolescence to maturity through a journey through her friendships, her loves and her desires. A life with which many young people will have identified since shows the reality of a 21st century girl.

“I’ve always been one to put a lot of movies together in my head, but it seems like The countdown to summer This is the one that will definitely come out. Writing is my passion, no doubt, but when I do I try to convey to the reader in a clear way the images and feelings that are created in my mind. It is a very audiovisual component that my novels have and which will now be transposed to the screen in the form of a series”, comments the author of this new project herself.

“Bravaaaaaaa ,” he commented. Cristina Pedroche after hearing the news. Oscar Casas, Carlos Cuevas, Miguel Angel Silvestre, by Jon Kortaja oh Maxi churches are the suggestions made to him by his followers for male roles. As for the feminine ones, they ask Blanca Suarez, clear lake oh Natalia Sanchez Molina.

real characters

“To have the chance to do this hand in hand with Plano a Plano and with the same honesty and empathy that the original novel exudes is a dream come true for me. Now it will only be left to know who will be Lauri, Nacho, Lucía, Sara, Pol, Alex, Laux or my father. People, not characters, within a novel who have accompanied us for these two years and who now come to life”, he reflected on what will follow in this stage of the series.

“There’s no place for me to get more excited about this project. I hope you can enjoy it as much as I feel like I’m a part of it. And who knows, We still managed to change the red carpet for a rose cuter,” he explains.

The series will be recorded by Plano a Plano and its president, Cesar Benitezassures that “bringing a character like La Vecina Rubia to the screen gives us the opportunity to establish a face-to-face dialogue with a viewer who values ​​sincerity and authenticity above all else. The countdown to summer is the anthem of a generation that seeks to see itself reflected in the emotions and experiences of someone with whom it shares values, dreams and fears”.

Will this be the first time we put a face on La Voisine Blonde beyond the Barbie one she uses to maintain her anonymity on social media? We could have a surprise.

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