Next June 2 will be a date to remember in the trajectory of foo fighters. Because this record, the formation led by Dave Grohl will put on sale what will be his first studio album without one of its fundamental pillars: Taylor Hawkins.

This was confirmed by the band themselves through their social networks and a press release in which they revealed all the details of this new recording project. But we are there is the title of an album which will have 10 songs and in which the late drummer will be very present.

In fact, the first single from this LP Safeis an open letter in which each member of the group gives free rein to the pain of having lost a friend, a partner, a musician, a drummer… “We are all free, to a certain extent, to dance under the lights / I’m just waiting to be rescued / Bring me back to life” sings Dave Grohl surrounded by guitars and drums in a song with a gigantic melancholy spirit.

Greg Kurstin acts as producer of this new Foo Fighters album, the eleventh in their career, which the band has conceived as “the first chapter in the band’s new life. It’s a brutally honest and emotionally raw response to everything The Foo Fighters have endured over the past year…a testament to the healing powers of music, friendship and family. Brave, damaged and unwaveringly authentic,” the band said in the press release.

“A record that logically will go” from anger and sadness to serenity and acceptance, and a myriad of points in between. But we are here is the sound of brothers finding refuge in the music that first brought them together 28 years ago, a process as therapeutic as a continuation of life,” says Foo Fighters.

“Without Taylor (Hawkins) we would never have become the band we were and without Taylor we know we will be a different band from now on” they said at the time and here is the result. Here is the list of songs from But Here We Are by the Foo Fighters:

  1. Safe
  2. under you
  3. hear voices
  4. But we are here
  5. Glass
  6. Nothing at all
  7. Show me how
  8. beyond me
  9. The teacher
  10. Rest

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