I’ve never been one to have too many pets (not by personal decision), so I’ve never moved into the realm of fish and parakeets. Of course, the weirdest thing I can explain is that for some reason all of my budgies ended up dying with weird tics. The situation of Tatsuki Fujimoto, the author of “Chainsaw Man“, is quite different on the other hand, and it is that his experience is so special that it can be summed up as follows: he ended up eating his pet fish, which was dead.

The author of Chainsaw Man and his crazy story about his pet

What is this story ? Well, the one that was collected in the “Chainsaw Man” Reddit afterwards it was Fujimoto-sensei himself who shared it as a commentary on his second one-shot collection. Here is basically what happened to the author a few years ago:

  • when I was around 24 yearslived modestly with his girlfriend in an apartment in Yamagata, they didn’t have a lot of money, but they could still afford to have a Japanese rice as a pet (medaka).
  • Unfortunately, the fish died one summerand even if Fujimoto just wanted to throw the fish, his girlfriend asked him to bury him. What happens from now on is pure comedy.
What a coincidence that Denji also ate something that ended up making him sick in Chainsaw Man
  • So the creator of Chainsaw Man went to a nearby park to bury the fish, but there he discovered that it’s not so easy to make a hole in the ground when you have your hands and not chainsaws. What envy the good Denji.
  • Total, that Fujimoto-sensei, faced with the impossibility of digging a hole, decided to leave the fish on the park floor…until whatever had to happen happened.
  • Suddenly, Fujimoto-sensei saw how a group of ants started going after the fish. Fujimoto says he doesn’t know what happened to him, but he suddenly felt a huge affection for the fish, which led him to to separate the ants and end up eating it.

Fujimoto-sensei explains that the next day he had a lot of stomach problems, and he ended up lying to his girlfriend not to tell her the reason was because he ate the fish in the end. Why is the ‘Chainsaw Man’ author explaining all this now? Because says the burden of lying to his girlfriend was getting too much at this point. Honestly, I don’t know what to make of this man, because he represents an agglomeration of attributes that I had no idea could come together in the same human being.

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