welcome to eden returns a year later to Netflix’s most prominent billboard with the premiere of its second season. Amaia Aberasturi (the age of anger), Amaia Salamanca (great hotel), Lola Rodriguez (Poison), Belinda and the rest of the series’ protagonists return to Eden Island from this Friday to pick up the story where they left off, albeit with some important news.

New storylines are born and there are new characters. We enter a much more constructed and deeper fantasy that works very well”, explains Lola Rodríguez in this LOS40 interview, while Belinda focuses on love and, more specifically, on the story with Charly (Tomy Aguilera) and Maika (Lola Rodríguez): “They are my favorite couple, I love them. I love them and I want them to end up together because it’s such a beautiful love to fall in love.

The famous festivals of welcome to eden They will not be so present in this episode. The new chapters put more emphasis on the action, in addition to delving into the conflicts of the characters. However, there are other parties that have been very present. We’re talking about the ones the cast put up to celebrate the show’s successes. In the first season, there were some from time to time, but, according to what the protagonists say, the second season had a lot of movement.

The craziest party I’ve ever been to was welcome to eden in Teruel. In the first season, nobody left and in the second, they said to me, ‘Belinda, you didn’t come to any party. Why not cheer up? You are not funny. And my mother. I went there and I had one”, says Belinda laughing. And she is not the only one to talk about this party. Carlos Torres (the queen of flow), the last signature of this production, corroborates the version of the singer: “Eden’s parties are unique, both for the characters and for the actors“.

For now, while waiting to be invited to one of those crazy parties that the actors of welcome to eden, we have to settle for those that appear on the screen. It’s time for a relaxing weekend to marathon this second season of the fiction that holds the bar of the first.

everyone to see welcome to eden!

This is T2 of ‘Welcome to Eden’

With new threats to the island and no way out, the rebellion ignites an intense battle for freedom as Astrid (Amaia Salamanca) realizes her plans for New Eden.

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