Bocchi the Rock!“was one of the great anime reveals of the past 2022, a proposal from the hand of CloverWorks that he really had no reason to dazzle with the technical quality he did…and that in the process also left us with one of the best comic anime of recent years. The IP address went from almost unknown to even eaten to “Chainsaw Man” in some markets, and it is that although this type of comparison is not fair because of expectations, the truth is that it shows that “Bocchi the Rock!” This is not just another anime.

Bocchi the Rock! expand your horizons with a new story

Now, taking advantage of all the momentum of the last few months, which has indeed been reflected even in the sales of the official manga, it has been confirmed that “Bocchi the Rock!” will have a brand new spin-off manga. Below you will see the first image they shared of it (via Manga Mogura):

And now write down everything that has been confirmed in the past few hours:

  • As you can see, for the moment they have decided to keep the protagonist of the new manga Bocchi the Rock! anonymous, although I personally think that there is no doubt who is hidden in the shadows: Kikuri.
  • For those who have forgotten the character, I remind you that it is about bassist a few years older than Hitori and company who has a serious drinking problem. However, what cannot be denied is that he has a talent and a presence with his relevant instrument of high class.
  • At this time, it has not been confirmed when this Bocchi the Rock! will come out, but as you can see in the picture, a ‘Coming…’. Basically, this means that surely don’t wait too long so that they erase all the X’s that are in between.

Honestly, I can only rejoice because something like “Bocchi the Rock!” is popular enough at this point to receive a spin-off manga. Although we are still waiting for the announcement of a season 2 of the anime, I am very confident that it will eventually arrive sooner or later.. In the end, this kind of surprises must be pampered in a market that mainly dominates everything related to shonen.

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