We live to see a new version of the excellent project called Network Addon Mod, the most important mod for SimCity 4.

After SimCity flopped in 2013, Electronic Arts almost completely dropped the brand and Cities: Skylines took over as the leader in city builders. However, there are players who have not abandoned the classic Maxis series and continue to play city ​​sim 4. Highly facilitated by the excellent project called Network Add-On Modeyou have just received an update. It was released to celebrate the game’s 20th anniversary.

Red Addon Mod with new version

The new version is number 47 and brings many changes.

  1. Road building options have been expanded.offering new options for creating intersections and additional elements to facilitate pedestrian circulation, including underpasses.
  2. The options related to the construction of railways have also expanded considerably.introducing, among other things, new ramps and bridges and additional structure heights.
  3. Various non-railway related bridges were also added.
  4. The authors painstakingly updated hundreds of scripts related to determining pedestrian and vehicle traffic routes on the map.
  5. There were also many bugfixes.

Don’t forget the Network Mod addon improvement city ​​sim 4 mainly in terms of road and rail transport, which in the basic version left much to be desired. The mod expands the list of types of roads, bridges, overpasses, detours and other types of connections available, and allows us to place them more freely, without being limited to 90 degree turns. On top of that, there are improved AI modules that govern transportation, making city traffic more natural.

It is worth adding that the mod requires the Peak hour DLC and only works with the boxed version of the game and the editions you purchase from Steam there GOG.com. The edition available on EA App/Origin (and Game Pass) is outdated and cannot be updated to the latest version, required by the Network Addon Mod. This is even more annoying because Electronic Arts uses screenshots of the mod to promote the game on your platform, even if it is not supported by this project.

  1. Network Addon Mod: Download the mod from our FTP server
  2. Red Addon Mod – Official Site

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