The anime of “blue lock“is the most amazing thing that has happened to the industry in recent years in terms of football broadcasts (with “Aoashi“, let’s be fair), and it’s something he achieved knowing how to perfectly apply the shonen formula. Because the premise of finding the best selfish striker in Japan by locking kids in a high performance center is already sufficient yes, but if you also do that these players have crazy skills and unique qualities… even better.

Blue Lock Anime has absolutely amazing players

Seen the first season of the animeOh I want to talk about what is the best player that can be found in “Blue Lock”. But before that, it’s time to review several heavyweights.

isagi yoichi

  • Isagi is the protagonist of Blue Lock, a player who is characterized above all by his ability to reinvent oneself with each match.
  • As a striker, Isagi’s best qualities come from his game play capability as well as a tactile first shot that’s packed with power and precision. Moreover, he also knows how to divert the attention of his person to place yourself in very favorable situations facing the goal
  • Isagi ends the first season of Blue Lock as one of the best players, probably the second bestbut still without reaching the real reference point that we know.
Isagi Yoichi, a player who seems to have no limits

Meguru Bachira

  • It can be said that Bachira is Isagi’s “best friend” within the Blue Lock compound, although at the same time it is also about a formidable adversary.
  • Once Bachira finds his selfish character as an attacker, he does his main quality, dribbling, becomes an even more deadly tool. He is literally unstoppable with the ball at his feet. Additionally, it also develops an immense quality to give passes What makes you an assistant in 10.
  • Bachira is unquestionably one of the best players of Blue Lock, but again falls short of the real star. vs
blue lock anime new picture
Bachira, a player who leaves the ball stuck to his feet

Shoei Baro

  • Certainly the player who best responds to the ‘selfish striker’ label. A character with an incredible character and temperament who constantly acts like he’s the real king of the track.
  • As a player, Baro has medium and long distance shooting with exceptional power and precision. He also has a regatta badge who makes use of his powerful physical qualities. Finally, it is also enough unpredictable on the court to be the hardest to read player of all at Blue Lock.
  • Baro is a real beast and a goal scoring machinebut he is NOT Blue Lock’s best player.
baro blue lock
Baro is a monster as a centre-forward

Seishiro Nagi

  • And absolute football genius who in a few months is at the level of the best young attackers in Japan. Although he is usually calm and subdued, he eventually awakens a competitive gene for football.
  • Nagi’s main quality on the pitch is her ability to control the ball. On receiving a pass, Nagi is able to create the space she needs regardless of the situation to find herself in a very flattering position in front of goal. For that alone, he is already an extremely deadly attacker.
  • nagi is a great talent and one of the best players of Blue Lock, but lacks certain elements to be considered the best of the range.
nagi blue lock

Aoshi Tokimitsu

  • One of the characters with the most difficult personality to define. Even if Tokimitsu turns out to be someone cowardly and fearfulwhen he starts to play seriously, he becomes a person of an almost unmatched determination.
  • What most characterizes Tokimitsu football is, without a doubt, his overwhelming physique. Although Blue Lock features players who are great wonders, like Baro or Kunigami, there is no other with such devastating physique as this one. If we add to that has almost unlimited staminawe find a bull that can unleash chaos at any time.
  • Although Tokimitsu is a player with great qualitiesThis is NOT Blue Lock’s best.
tokimitsu blue lock
One of Blue Lock’s most erratic and differential forwards

Hyoma Chigiri

  • Chigiri has been one of Isagi’s main allies and rivals since the beginning of Blue Lock. A player who suffered a terrible injury but manages to recover eventually show all his talent.
  • The main characteristic of Chigiri is its extreme speed. As the fast attacker that he is, he can also perform first touch controls they gain many yards, so it is easy for him to get a position in which he is completely alone in front of the goalkeeper.
  • Chigiri has some basic attacking qualities which are 10but he is NOT Blue Lock’s best player.
blue lock chigiri

He is the best Blue Lock player

And after reviewing some of the most important names that the “Blue Lock” anime left us, I present to you who is clearly the best player in the range at this stage.

Rin Itoshi

  • Rin is introduced in Blue Lock as an arrogant player and someone with a clear goal: to surpass his brother. Likewise, he has what is the most competitive spirit of them all, something he shows when overwhelmed by the selection of international stars and, nevertheless, he is the only one not to throw in the towel.
  • As a player, Rin has it all: an exceptional physique that gives him enormous versatility, heavenly ball-to-foot quality and game vision in the same category as Isagi, albeit with a slightly different execution.. For all intents and purposes, he’s a player who, as a striker, doesn’t have a single weak spot in his build.
  • Although Isagi remains close, Rin still turns out to be Blue Lock’s best player. at the end of the anime’s first season.
blue lock
Rin is an attacker who has no weak points.

I don’t know if everyone will agree or not, but that really seems like the most sensible opinion to me besides the feeling that each of the games left in my body. Yes, it’s true that in the end Isagi manages to interpret all the movements in Rin’s field, but as Ego explains at the end, Rin demonstrates that the ‘gift’ of a natural striker is even enough to put luck on his side. Once again, he is a player who has just shown himself to be far superior to the rest of his teammates and competitors.

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