War Talesthe turn-based open-world RPG of Shiro Games Launched to great acclaim last April, it has sold 600,000 units on Steam since its Early Access, and is racking up a million wishlists, with over 100,000 players playing on April 16. The game has 91% “very positive” feedback on Steam with nearly 13,000 community reviews.

“We are overwhelmed with gratitude for the positive feedback from the community. There are now over 600,000 players who have explored the world of Wartales, and many of you have spent hundreds of hours enjoying the game and sharing your discoveries with other players. Thank you, it means a lot to us!”complaints Nicolas CannasseCEO of Shiro Games.

In War Tales, players are transported to a world ravaged by the Great Plague, where they must fight for survival, the resources and funds necessary to expand their party and uncover the complicated history of a land riddled with the scars of war. With a vast open world, unique combat mechanics and over 100 hours of contentWartales has become a classic of the genre and offers players a challenging and immersive experience.

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