It’s been a while since Ubisoft surprised us with the announcement of Avatar: Pandora’s Frontiers. Its official announcement took place specifically in 2021 during the Ubisoft Forward event, where other games were also presented for the first time. Personally, I liked the little seen, and so far no other information about the game has been known, or at least officially.

It must be said that we could not know much about the game, since, when it was announced, we only saw it in a short film trailer. But today and thanks to a leak, it was possible to learn details about its history, weapons and other playable sections. The person responsible for filtering game information, was the user ScriptLeaksR6 via his official Twitter profile.

What do we know about Avatar: Pandora’s Frontiers?

  • The game will take place in an open world located on the planet Pandora and It will be in first person.
  • We’re going to put ourselves in the shoes of a Na’vi kidnapped when he was little and so far it has been formed to fulfill one purpose.
  • It will aim to reconnect with its ancient heritage and thus Join other clans to protect planet Pandora.
  • The development of its history will not be easy since Pandora will be full of great dangers it can end the life of our character if we let our guard down at some point.
  • Among the weapons we will have, there will be not only that of the Na’vi, but also that of humans:
    • bows
    • pitchers
    • assault rifles
    • shotguns

More game details

  • we will have the ability to customize our own character, as well as their weapons and abilities.
  • We can count on a Banshee vehicle for use in dogfights and long-distance travel.
  • Waiting for Ubisoft to show up more details on the game in the next Ubisoft Forward presentationscheduled for June 12, 2023.

Hopefully these details will eventually be confirmed, because the truth is that it looks like it could be a very good game. It’s just up to Ubisoft to start giving us information and new images.

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