Elden Ring: How to Activate Rampart Tower Elevator at Castle Stormveil – Game News

Elden Ring: How to Activate Rampart Tower Elevator at Castle Stormveil – Game News

Stormveil Castle is probably the first Legacy Dungeon you come to in Elden Ring, and it’s a multi-level maze of elevators, repetitive hallways, and ambushes. Halfway through, you’ll reach Rampart Tower Site of Grace near an empty elevator shaft. Activating the elevator will take you through dangerous places, but will also give you easy access to the bowels of the castle.

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Activation of the elevator in the Rampart Tower of Castle Stormveil in Elden Ring

Attempting to activate the lever near the elevator shaft at the Rampart of Grace Tower site without getting into the elevator will give you the message “Gadget will not move”. It moves, of course. To activate the lever, which brings the elevator back to the upper floor, you must first descend to where you are currently resting.

From Rampart Tower Site of Grace, go through the door to the north of the room. You’ll know you’re in the right place thanks to the various Stormhawks and the many explosive barrels. Defeat or dodge the Stormhawks and turn left towards the parapets, staring at the empty sky.

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Jump to the westernmost part of the platform railing, then drop down to the platform below.

Elden Ring Rampart Tower Parapet Drop DownGamepur screenshot

Walk around the castle wall until you see a thin ledge against the side of the structure. Head to the platform in the distance, then back down, then back down again. At the edge of this rocky plateau is a dark brown platform that seems quite stable. Jump on him.

Elden Ring Rampart Tower Parapet Third Drop DownGamepur screenshot

Once you land on the outcrop it will crumble and you will fall down a bit, but don’t panic. As long as you land on the soft green foliage below, you won’t take any damage.

Continue south along the narrow rock ledge; you should see a small arc in the distance. After a few moments, a Crucible Knight will come around the corner. You can defeat him by Crucible Aspect: Horned Enchantment, but if your only focus is the elevator, just walk past him.

Elden Ring Rampart Tower Crucible KnightGamepur screenshot

Go through the arch, up the ruined stairs and turn left to re-enter the tower. Stand on the button in the center of the rampart elevator to activate it. You will then quickly ride the elevator up the shaft, past several floors, until you reach the rampart tower. You can now use the elevator whenever you want, and if you drop it for some reason, the nearby lever will activate to bring it back to you.


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