“Viewers of Survivors 2023 They decided that he would be permanently expelled… Arelys Ramos”. With these words Ion Aramendi announced that the mother of Yulen Pereira this became the edition’s fifth final elimination. “I knew, I had already told him”, she would react.

“Hold on and eat lots of shellfish,” he said. Arthur Dainese there Jamie Navaher companions in Playa de los olvidados since she was expelled last Thursday.

Jaime Nava did not hesitate to score a little dance with her. “They will both go far“Assured Arelys about her colleagues that she was able to get to know much better these days.

don’t want to leave

Arelys is not among the candidates who were eager to return to Madrid, as happened in Katerina Safarova oh Gabriela Arrocet in the previous weeks. She would have appreciated even more time in the contest.

“Obviously I would have liked to stay, but I knew when I got to the beach that they had been there a long time and it was difficult. They made a good tandem and I think they will go far,” he told Aramendi.

“I’m proud of where I came from. I would have liked to stay longer, but it was not possible and that’s it,” he concluded, saying. The presenter praised her for being a good survivor.

On this occasion, he was not as moved when saying goodbye to his colleagues as last Thursday when he kissed Ashraf and, between tears, he recognized that they had been very unfair to him.

Now is the time to return to Madrid where will count next Tuesday, in nobody’s landHow did you experience this adventure? and how things are really in Honduras. We will see if I defend Asraf again or if I defend the rest of the group he has lived with these days.

In his memory remains that experience that he lived to the fullest, giving everything in the tests. He was also not spared from discussions, especially with Yaiza. In fact, their clash is the one that earned him the disciplinary appointment that led to the end of his contest.

When he returns, he will find his son, Yulen Pereira who seems to have got on very well with Katerina Safarovaand you can talk to Anabel Pantoja as she herself had said she would when she discovered, during her son’s visit, that she was no longer his daughter-in-law.

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