At this point, anyone who follows Mediaset’s reality shows knows full well that between the competitors from one edition to another, there ends up being a kind of relationship because they form like a big family where practically everyone knows each other. And with survivors it would be no different.

For this reason, we were not surprised to see the good relationship that exists between Yulen Pereira there Katerina Safarovaespecially since they flew together from Honduras to Spain after he finished visiting his mother and she was kicked out of Playa de los olvidados.

The fact is that, already in Madrid, they stayed and they’ve shared various videos of their work lunch on social media that show off the good vibes between them.

Comment on pictures

Images that they could see on the set of Honduran connection where was a collaborator raquel bunthe mother of Manuel Cortes with which it seems that the Russian competitor had something. She was therefore the first to comment on the images.

A meal with a friend“, he commented on what he had seen. It didn’t take long for the one who could be his future daughter-in-law to speak: “Besides, big brother, who in case you don’t understand, it’s big brother.

He confessed that they went to eat at his house and that it was “amazing”. He confessed that they had never met before, that they had met on the flight home.

“I got on well with his mother, we talked a lot about his mother,” he said of his meeting. “I like“, he assured.

“Looks like a friendship is going to blossom,” he commented with some irony Marthe Penate He couldn’t hold back one of his laughs. “I love it because any boy that appears in my story right now will, as always, be next on Katerina’s list of boyfriends,” she also quipped.

Ion Aramendi This gave way to other images of this meeting that they themselves had shared on the networks. They were seen talking about the arroz con pollo that she had cooked for her new friend, to whom she assured that it was not up to the Cuban, but better than that of survivors, assurance. To this video was added a photo that Yulen had uploaded where we saw Katerina alone.

Photo that allowed Marta Peñate to have a few more laughs. “Let’s see, I really believe in friendship between a man and a woman, but for me, In my head, I would much like to develop everything more and for him to get involved with Yulen, Manuel soI would love all of that,” he said with a devilish laugh.

Raquel Bollo said it all reminded her of that time she said Kat was flirting with arthur“and now it is you who put these images and you think that there may be some stupidity, with which, can’t speak”.

What we don’t know is if Kat will have become the girl who comforted Yulen tonight after her mother’s final eviction that Sunday.

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