Absolutely nothing, Toei Animation has confirmed that in a few days it will leave us the first sample of this new anime

Toei-Animation It seems that he is about to announce new projects, and it is that a few weeks ago they did the same with what is called “Run for the Money: The Great Mission“, now it’s been revealed that it’s time for “Girl Group Scream“. This anime, which has been leaked in the first instance more than a year ago, it seems that indeed it will be And ‘anime of girls making music‘ from the creators of ‘Dragon Ball’, ‘One Piece’ and many other iconic.

Will Girls Band Cry live up to K-On! and Bocchi the Rock!?

So I leave you with the first shared promotional poster Regarding the anime “Girls Band Cry”, a project that surely claims to be a new “K-On!” just like “Bocchi the Rock!” few months ago:

Girls Band Cry will be a new musical bet featuring teenage girls

And now I leave you with the first details from another Toei anime that actually continues to delay what’s supposed to be an inevitable “Dragon Ball” return at some point (via ANN):

  • On the Girls Band Cry promotional poster, you can read a message that invites release emotions of anger, joy and sadness, in reference to expressing oneself freely through music surely (or at least taking into account the theme of the work).
  • Also, it won’t be before May 29 as we have new details about Girls Band Cry anime. Of course, Toei has confirmed that on that day we will even have a first clip.
  • For now There are no details regarding the story, duration, or potential release date of the Girls Band Cry anime.. We only know that it looks like a project that Toei has been shaping for a long time, and which may not be that far from fruition.

I have to say that what is so far the only design seen from “Girls Band Cry” is pretty cool to me, besides the fact that I personally love this whole teen/musical theme. However, I can understand that It’s a little maddening given the state of the “Dragon Ball” anime (which is basically non-existent) to see Toei announce anything but the return of Goku and company.. As always, all you can do is be patient. If Los Serrano did meet, how could the Z-Warriors not?

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