Once again, reality may have overtaken fiction, or we may be facing one of the biggest publicity stunts in entertainment history. They are Woody Harrelson there Matthew McConaughey siblings? The question has and has not to do with your new joint project Brother from another mother. What a disturbing title!

The two performers will start sharing a plane very soon in this series of AppleTV in which they play a fictionalized version of themselves. And during promotional events, the theory that the two performers could in fact be brothers developed.

Comparatively, their images clearly show that they share certain physical traits while having very different ones. The explanation? Finally, the title of his series but upside down… Brothers from the same mother but from a different father? It is not that we say it, but it is McConaughey himself who during an interview for the podcast Let’s talk off camera alluded to it.

“The point where I start and where it ends has always been a blurry line. My kids call him Uncle Woody and his kids call me Uncle Matthew,” the actor begins to joke. But not everything is a humorous thing but it seems that there is something else that has never been put on the table.

“A few years ago, visiting Greece, we were sitting around talking about our closeness and our families. My mum was there and she said, ‘Woody, I met your dad’. We all realized the ellipsis my mom left after ‘I Met’,” the actor recounts.

But don’t let anyone think about infidelities or soap opera stories. Both parents were single at the time of McConaughey’s birth. The big question given that there are clues to think they might be brothers now is whether or not to take a test to confirm the relationship.

“If Woody offers me a DNA test, I might say, ‘Wait, are you trying to tell me that the man I thought was my father for 53 years might not be?’ I have more at stake than him,'” the interpreter replied when asked.

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