Day of many leaks. We recently talked about FUT Champions rewards during TOTS from FIFA 23, and now it’s time to focus on EA Sports FC. Because according to the Twitter account @nickycai2, former player Sun Wen I would reach the Ultimate Team. Although it is not yet clear if he will appear as an icon or a hero. While the ex-footballer Dimitar Berbatov (striker who played for Manchester United) should be released as FUT Heroes according to the Twitter account @FIFAUTeam.

EA Sports FC Leaks

Sun Wen icon or hero

I think I can comment little on this leak, since never appeared in Ultimate Team. It would therefore be difficult to imagine how he could perform or if he would have more or less remarkable statistics. Apart from the fact that the arrival of players in FUT is not yet official, it is not known how it would be implemented.

But if Sun Wen was an icon in EA Sports FC and the chemistry system worked the same as it did in FIFA 23, it seems like he wouldn’t be of much value for hybrid creation. Because at least in this season, in his nationality we do not find any letters that are in gold.

Dimitar Berbatov as a possible hero

I guess some people will be excited about Berbatov’s possible appearance on EA Sports FC. Even if by its characteristics, it does not seem a priori very promising for the gameplay. Because he is a fairly tall attacker (1’89) who lacked speed.

Not the type of attacker that usually stands out in Ultimate Teamalthough he may change meta next season or have much more powerful cards than he received as an active player.

Berbatov’s last appearance in FUT was in FIFA 16. In other years he received much better items, but he still tended to be a slow attacker (letter thanks to

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