Naked in the shower but with everything strategically covered. So presented Anne Marie the cover of his new disc which will be released on July 28 under the title of Unhealthy. The singer already has her new musical adventure ready, which will mean her third solo work.

Over the past few months of touring the UK and half of Europe, Anne Marie has been dropping little hints to begin her next musical adventure. And now, through social media, he has given the green light to his new recording project.

AM3 was launched over a year ago and the English composer has been updating through her social media all the work she has been doing in different ‘camps’ with composers and producers. The result is this new LP of which he has been presenting small pills for a few weeks.

The first business card was psychology, a song in which he collaborated with the British interpreter Aitch and in which he listed with names (and almost first names) the names of the various conquests of his ex. A few months later, the second single arrived: Sad bitch.

“Sad Bitch opens February 3. Yesssss. Being sad is so last year,” Anne-Marie shared of the song at the time. A song in which he turned around to see the emotions and sensations that a pandemic like the one we are experiencing would have left, something he had already told us about in Therapy, his previous project.

It’s been a few years since this happened. It was one of the riskiest proposals of his career. Mental health and the justification of self-confidence were two of the pillars that supported this project which will soon have a successor.

Unhealthy is his new studio album which will consist of 13 songs, of which two collaborations stand out: the aforementioned Psycho with Aitch and You and I with Khalid. Bebe Rexha also premiered her collaboration with David Guetta and Coi Leray a few days ago.

Here is the track list for Unhealthy:

  1. suck to be you
  2. sad bitch
  3. Psycho ft. Aitch
  4. haunts you
  5. Rail accident
  6. Grudge
  7. Obsessed
  8. kills me to love you
  9. Unhealthy
  10. goodbye irish
  11. Hi
  12. You and me ft. Khalid
  13. I’ve never loved anyone before

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