Did you know that the Community of Madrid has its own anthem and that this year is its anniversary? Surely not, but Law 2/1983 published on December 23 in the Official Journal of the Community confirms it. It is true that the best known of all its citizens is probably its red flag with up to seven stars, but the reality is that there is a hymn and surprisingly, it has its own handwriting.

The fact that he is unknown to the people of Madrid is not something strange, since in few or almost no official acts he has resounded. It is therefore not uncommon for its citizens to discover through this article that they have their own anthem.

To understand this, you have to travel to Madrid in the early 1980s and, more specifically, in 1983, when the region’s autonomous statute was approved. At that time they realized they didn’t have an anthem, but their president Joaquin Leguina he put in the batteries so that is not the case.

Lenguina commissioned the philosopher and poet Augustin Garcia Calvo the lyrics of the song so that all the people of Madrid already feel identified Pablo Sorozabal Serranoone of the most outstanding lyrical composers of the end of the 20th century, melodic creation.

The result was nothing but a composition that sarcastically showed what the new organization of Spain looked like after the separation of the two Castillas, after the Transition. As if that were not enough, the price of its composition was cheap since only costs one pesetasomething that today would not reach a penny.

the unknown anthem

Contrary to what happens in other autonomous regions, this anthem has a weight of testimony and it is rarely reproduced in official acts. It’s possible that on a day like this, May 2a public holiday in the region where the uprising of Spanish citizens against the French invasion is commemorated, can be heard.

Anyway, the words of the anthem of the Community of Madrid have great heritage value because, whether we agree or not, they reflect what it means to be Madrid and progress as a civilization. . Although it also includes the most traditional essence of the region: museums, traffic lights, stadiums, banks and a long etcetera.

Lyrics of the anthem of the Community of Madrid

I was in the middle:

the others were going around in circles

and I was the center.

The circle is already broken

the peoples are already a State,

and here the vacuum spinning

alone i stay

Everyone wants to be everyone;

I will not be less:

Madrid, one, free, round,

autonomous, whole!

look at the topic

the turns that the world gives

Still be.

i have my body

a broken triangle on the map

by law or decree,

between Avila and Guadalajara,

Segovia and Toledo:

province of each province,

Desert Flower.

Somosierra keeps me from the north and

Guadarrama with Gredos;

Jarama and Henares at the Tagus

they take the rest.

And at the cost of it,

I am the ultimate autonomous entity,

pure and sincere.

Long live my owner

just to be something

I come from Madrid !

And in the middle of the middle,

capital of gasoline and power,

garages, museums,

stadiums, traffic lights, banks,

and long live the dead:

¡Madrid, ideal metropolis

of the god of progress!

what happens there everything happens

in me, and that’s why

officials in me and proletarians

and numbers, souls and masses

they fall under their weight; community

and I am everyone and nobody,

dream politician.

And it’s my desire

which for some reason is said:

“From Madrid to Heaven”.

With this last phrase, the hymn ends. These words, which are repeated ad nauseam even in any marketing campaign, have their origin in the anthem itself, which, satire or not, explains that Madrid is one of the best cities where live.

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